The Glossary of Poker Terms

The Glossary of Poker Terms


Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, there are a number of terms you will encounter when playing poker. If you are unsure what a particular term means, you can look up the definitions in this glossary to ensure you are not confused. You can also use the calculator on this page to find out the equity of a specific hand or range of hands.

The first card that is dealt to the player is the door card, which is the upcard that is visible to the entire table. This card is only for the player and should not be shared with other players. Depending on the situation, it may be a good or bad card.

The flop is the second betting round in community card games. The flop is the three cards that are dealt to the board. It is the second most important betting round in a poker game. The flop is followed by the turn and river. The flop is used to make decisions about the next hand.

The case ace is the last ace in the deck. A deuce is a card with rank value two. This is often referred to as the “donk” because of its weaker strength. The term can be used to describe a weak player or a bad bet.

The button is the seat at the poker table that is most profitable. This position is located to the right of the small blind. This is a popular seat in a table because it is usually the first one to call a raise. It is considered the best seat for the action and can give a player a big pot if they have a great hand.

A big bet is a larger bet sizing in fixed limit games. This type of bet is generally used on later rounds of betting.

The A-Game is the optimal mental state to be in when playing poker. It refers to being able to make the correct decisions in a hand. It is commonly said that a bad beat is a hand that loses to a better hand. This is also known as the bad beat jackpot. A freeroll is a tournament that does not require a buy-in. This is a loose term, but can be explained using examples.

The float call is a missed c-bet that is made with a speculative holding. The float call is made in the hope that a bigger draw will be available on the later streets. The float is a loose term, but it can be a useful term when talking about bluffing on the later streets.

The cold deck is a bad run of cards. A cold deck is a term that is often used to describe a bad run of cards. Similarly, a dirty stack is a bad etiquette to have at a table. A dirty stack is a hand that is not properly grouped and is a bad sign of a poker cheat.